All individuals who require the services of a Personal Care Home in Manitoba must contact the Home Care Office in their area. A Home Care Case Coordinator (after determining eligibility for placement) will, along with the individual’s physician, complete the application and assessment process. A Regional panel will then review the application. If the application is approved at this level, it is sent to Manitoba Health for final approval of the applicant’s insurability within the Personal Care Home program. The Personal Care Home will advise the approved applicant of acceptance to the waiting list.

The application for admission to the Personal Care Home is assessed to ensure that the program available at the Personal Care Home is appropriate for the Applicant’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs.

Once the application has been accepted, it varies as to how long it takes for a room to be available. The Applicant/family is encouraged to phone the Personal Care Home and make arrangements for a tour and/or to discuss specific concerns. The Applicant/family will be notified by phone when a room becomes available. Once a room is available, arrangements will be made for admission.

A family member/friend is encouraged to help the Resident settle into their new home. This is also a time to discuss any concerns with staff.

Please bring the following information that is needed for administrative purposes.

1. Notice of Assessment from the previous year’s income tax papers. If the Resident has a spouse, his/her notice of assessment is also required if the couple filed their income tax separately.

2. The original copy of the Health Care Directive (if available).

3. A certified copy of the Power of Attorney document (if applicable).

4. Proof of coverage under the Veteran’s Affairs of Canada (if applicable).


Names and phone numbers of next of kin/advocates are listed on the Resident charts. The Resident/Family must designate a primary contact person. Every effort is made to notify this person in the event of a change of status to the Resident. Upon notification of the primary contact person, it is expected that this person will notify family members of the situation. Please ensure that the Personal Care Home has the most current primary contact information.


Rooms are allocated to best meet the needs of all Residents. Due to changes in a Resident’s condition it may be necessary to move the Resident to another room. Except in an emergency situation, the Next of Kin/Representative will be notified prior to any changes occurring.


The residential daily charge continues to apply when the Resident is on leave.

There are three types of leave:

1. Social Leave

Social leave is an absence of no more than three days at any time during the course of one week. These days are exclusive of the annual twenty-one day extended leave. The Resident may choose to be away from the Personal Care Home occasionally. A “Release from Responsibility” form from the Personal Care Home must be signed by the Resident or next of kin/representative. While on a leave, it is the responsibility of the care provider to ensure medications are taken properly and resident care needs are met.

2. Extended Leave

Residents are entitled to twenty-one days of extended leave during each year. Extensions to this leave may be granted in certain circumstances and should be discussed with the Facility Coordinator/Client Care Coordinator. While on a leave, it is the responsibility of the care provider to ensure medications are taken properly and Resident care needs are met.

3. Hospital Leave

Hospital leave is the absence of a resident from the Personal Care Home because of admission to a hospital. This absence should not exceed 21 days for each period of hospitalization. Exceptional conditions should be discussed with the Facility Coordinator/Client Care Coordinator.

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