Resident, Community and
Recreation Activities

Nelson House First Nation PCH


This is a home for the Residents of Personal Care Homes and therefore Residents may entertain visitors anytime they choose. Because Residents live in a community of others, visitors need to consider all the Residents and be respectful of them. Children are welcomed and must be supervised at all times during the visit.


Pets are welcome visitors as long as they are of a gentle nature and kept under control while visiting. They should be kept on a leash or carried in an appropriate cage. When a pet is brought to visit, the owner is responsible for the pet, its’ care and clean up while at the Personal Care Home.

Pets must be clean, have a current immunization status and be free of disease and behavioral problems. Public health regulations do not allow pets to be taken into areas while food and beverages are being served. Management reserves the right to have a pet removed if a safety or allergy risk has been identified.


The Resident/Family Council is established to provide a stronger voice to Residents and families in the operation of the Personal Care Home. It also promotes communication between the Resident/family and the Personal Care Home staff. Individual ideas and concerns can assist accomplishing the goal of striving for excellence.


As part of the health care team, the Recreation Services Department offers a wide variety of programs to meet the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of Residents. Individual and group programs attempt to meet each individual Resident’s desire for involvement. The program is designed to enhance quality of life, emphasizing self worth, enjoyment and socialization. Some of the activities include a music/exercise program, church services, bingo, and special celebrations throughout the year. Outings are arranged throughout the year, keeping the safety of Residents in mind.


Volunteers assist with all aspects of activity programming such as transporting Residents to and from programs, reading, providing music, attending a Resident on outings or to medical appointments, etc.

Volunteers are always needed to help with programs. Volunteers can help to provide assistance with activities, outings, or to visit a Resident. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please notify the Activity Department at the Personal Care Home.


Spiritual care is provided from a non-denominational perspective, recognizing that Residents come from a variety of faith traditions. Families are encouraged to have the Resident’s pastor or priest visit regularly, especially if the Resident’s life prior to admission to the Personal Care Home included regular church attendance. Please note, if at any time a Resident/Family would like access to a Pastoral Care visit, please contact the Charge Nurse.

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