Furnishings/Personal Property


Each room will be provided with a bed, mattress, night table, dresser, chair, closet/wardrobe and fireproof garbage can.

One piece of personal furniture of approximately 10 square feet may be placed in a resident’s room. This will require prior approval by the Chief Executive Officer or designate.

The Chief Executive Office or designate may request at anytime that furniture be removed for health or safety reasons.

Personal Chairs:

It is the responsibility of the resident/family to maintain personal chairs. This will include repairs and any cleaning that may be required.

Electrical Appliances:

Electrical appliances such as lamps, shavers, televisions, etc. must have a CSA approved label on them and be checked by maintenance before being placed in the room. Extension cords are not permitted, however approved power bars may be used.

For Safety Reasons the following items are NOT permitted:
Hot Plates
Coffee percolators
Heating Pads, Magic Bags, Hot Water Bottles
Electric Blankets

Ornaments, Nick Knacks, and Pictures:

The variety of items to be left in the Resident’s room should be chosen carefully. We would encourage the Resident to have pictures in photo albums or hung on the wall. Unfortunately with the amount of movement in and out of the rooms, breakage can occur. Cherished and non-replaceable items should not be brought into the Personal Care Home. Regular cleaning of multiple pieces of ornaments or nick knacks and china cabinets is the responsibility of the family.

Personal Rugs:

Personal rugs are not permitted in the Resident’s room for health and safety reasons.

Wall Hangings:

Maintenance is responsible for hanging pictures, corkboards etc. Residents/Family should refrain from placing their own wall hangings.


Space is very limited in the Resident rooms and it is for this reason that seasonal items such as fans, Christmas trees, decorations, scooters, etc. are to be taken home when not in use.

Family is asked to remove privately owned items within 3 days of death discharge of a Resident. If this is not possible, special arrangements can usually be made by contacting the Facility.

Responsibility for Loss/Damage/
Removal of Personal Items:

The Personal Care Home will not accept financial responsibility for loss or damage to personal possessions. If any personal item(s) becomes a hazard due to safety or if the room is overcrowded, the item(s) will be removed from the room and the family or designate will be requested to take it home.


Insurance on personal property is recommended and is the responsibility of the Resident/family.



Seven (7) days of washable clothing is recommended to allow time for clothing to be washed and returned. For individuals with urinary incontinence, a greater supply of clothing will be required. Clothing should be of a wash and wear nature as it is laundered with commercial equipment. Wools or delicates should be avoided.

Seasonal outdoor garments, pajamas, nightgowns, housecoats, and slippers with non-slip soles are also recommended. Clothes hangers will be provided for all items. If you require assistance in determining appropriate clothing such as Velcro fasteners or special needs clothing such as open back garments, please discuss this with the Facility.

Clothing Labels:

Name labels must be sewn to all pieces of clothing prior to admission to ensure that items are returned to the appropriate Resident. Name labels may be available through the facility. The Resident is responsible for the cost of the labels including the cost of applying them to the clothing. When new clothing is placed into use, please ensure that they are also labeled.

Lost Clothing:

Every effort is made to ensure that clothing does not get lost, but from time to time this does occur. A lost and found area is kept in the facility so please feel free to inquire about lost articles with Laundry or Nursing staff. The facility and/or staff are not responsible for replacement of lost clothing articles.

Dry Cleaning:

All washable personal clothing is laundered at no cost. Clothing that requires dry cleaning is the responsibility of the Resident. The facility is not responsible if "dry cleaning only" clothing is inadvertently laundered.

Storage of Clothing Articles:

Due to limited space, it is the Resident/family member’s responsibility to do regular closet cleaning to ensure that only suitable clothing and articles are stored.


Bedding and linen is provided, but an afghan or quilt may be brought in, if desired by the Resident. These must be of a poly/cotton blend or be 100% cotton to meet fire code regulations.


As per Manitoba Health Personal Care Home guidelines the following items will be provided to Residents in all of the Personal Care Homes in the region.

• Shampoo and body wash
• Basic powder
• Basic denture cleanser
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Mouthwash
• Hand lotion
• Facial Tissue
• Incontinent products

The Personal Care Homes are able to supply one brand of these items within normal usage, but Residents are free to purchase other brands if they wish.

The following items are to be paid for/supplied by the Resident:

• Mechanical lift slings
• Roam Alert/ Wanderguard devices
• Bed Alarms
• Non-prescription eye drops
• Medicated soap
• Medicated powder, moisturizers,
  ointments (e.g. Deep Cold)
• Denture adhesives
• Nail care kit
• Vitamins/herbs
• Deodorant/cosmetics
• Throat lozenges
• Smoking aprons
• Other items
   · Walkers
   · Transfer poles
   · Wheelchairs
   · Specialized seating (as per OT
   · Hearing aids
   · Eye glasses
   · Dentures
   · Prosthetics

*See also Health Care Services.


Television, telephone and Internet services may be available in the Resident’s room. Residents and/or family are responsible for arranging installation of these services and all monthly charges. Any repairs are at the cost of the Resident.


Mail is picked up and delivered daily, Monday through Friday. Mail should be addressed directly to the Resident at the address of the Personal Care Home.

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