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Nutrition Services are pleased to offer a wide variety of food items using a five-week menu cycle, which is seasonally adjusted. Menus provide a well-balanced meal and snacks provided are according to Canada’s food guide to healthy Eating. All have been developed by a Nutrition Services Team with extensive knowledge and experience. Registered Dietitians are part of this team. These menus are reviewed annually to ensure Resident satisfaction.

Nutrition Services recognizes the diverse tastes of our many Residents and will strive to offer an alternate food choice upon request when available. Allergies are noted and appropriate modifications are made to accommodate special diets.

Seating Arrangements:

There are a number of differing factors, which will be considered when reviewing Resident-seating arrangements. These may include past friendships, diet requirements, and compatibility with others. The Residents’ comfort with their surroundings will be the primary consideration.

Meals in Room:

All Residents are encouraged to dine in the main dining area. There are times, due to ill health, that this may not be possible. On these occasions a tray will be provided to the Resident in their room.


Family and friends are welcome to dine with a Resident. Cafeteria pricing will apply. Each Resident may invite two guests, which will allow space for all residents to have company.

Ideally, 24 hours notice should be given to Nutrition Services so that seating and food arrangements may be made. If advance notice is not given, a guest meal may not be available.

Special Meals:

From time to time special meals may be planned. Guests planning to attend these meals are asked to respond by the identified date in order to accommodate preparation by Nutrition Services. A surcharge will apply to these special occasion meals.

Christmas and New Year's Meals:

Residents will enjoy traditional meals on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Family and friends are invited to enjoy an assortment of dainties and beverages throughout the day with a Resident.

Family and friends may also take part in a pre-Christmas meal, which will be held in early December. Each Resident may invite two guests to share in the festivities.

Group Gatherings:

Small and large groups may book the recreation room depending on the availability of space and fire regulations. Special arrangements must be made with the Activity Department for this room as well as for the use of the recreation kitchen, if available. With advance notice paper and beverage products may be purchased from Nutrition Services.

Food from Outside the Facility:

Residents may enjoy food brought in from outside the facility. On these occasions we ask that visitors check at the nurse’s desk to ensure that the food item is suitable for the Resident’s diet. It is preferable that perishable

food items that require refrigeration not be left with Residents or in the facility due to limited storage space. Nutrition Services shall not store or be responsible for any food items brought into the facility. Personal food items that appear expired or spoiled will be discarded at the discretion of the facility staff.

Due to safety concerns, the sharing of food with other Residents is not permitted.

Donated Food:

The Nutrition Services Department appreciates the many offers received for donated food. Food safety regulations limit what can be accepted. Please contact the Nutrition Services Supervisor prior to donating food items.


The Nutrition Services Department strives to ensure each Resident receives a variety of wholesome, well prepared, attractively presented food at each meal. We encourage you to communicate any concerns through Resident and Family meetings, Resident surveys, or direct contact so that they may be addressed by the Nutrition Services Department in a timely manner.

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