Privacy & Confidentiality

Collection, Use, and Disclosure
of Confidential Information

Confidential ‘personal’ and ‘personal health’ information will be collected and shared between caregivers on a need to know basis in order to meet the resident’s ongoing care needs.

At the time of admission the Resident / family will be asked to identify a ‘primary contact’; other legal documents may also identify specific individuals as ‘personal representative’, ‘proxy’, ‘power of attorney’, etc. Each of these designations carries specific rights and responsibilities that relate to the provision or release of information. We suggest you discuss this with the Facility to ensure a common understanding of the legalities and expectations from both perspectives.

Information regarding the care being currently provided will be shared with immediate family members and with any other person with whom the Resident has a close personal relationship, as long as the trustee (staff) believes the disclosure to be acceptable to the Resident or their legal representative.

Voter’s Lists

It is practice to provide Electoral Officers with the names of the persons residing in the

Personal Care Home in order that the Residents are able to exercise their right to vote. If a Resident / family wishes NOT to be included on the voter’s list, they must advise the Facility.


It is common practice to celebrate Resident’s birthdays. Occasionally we are asked by government offices to verify the Resident’s birthdays in order that they can acknowledge a particular birthday milestone. If you consider this to be an invasion of privacy, or if for cultural, religious or other reasons you do not wish to have a birthday celebrated, please be sure the Facility is aware of this request.


Photographs are required as a form of Resident Identification and must be maintained in association with the Resident’s Clinical Record. In addition, many Personal Care Homes have welcome signs, poster boards and photographic displays of residents taking part in the day-to-day activities of their home. This is a good faith attempt to share activities and good times with family and visitors. Strict attention is paid to preserving the Resident’s dignity and to ensure that all photos are taken and displayed in good taste. Any time that we are aware that a picture is being taken for a

local newspaper, we will ask for your ‘consent’ before it is actually taken or published.

If you have any concerns or special requests related to privacy or confidentiality please speak to the Facility. We will take all possible steps to ensure that the individual rights of each resident are respected.


The Maintenance Department strives to provide Residents with a safe, comfortable, environment in accordance with their needs. Repairs to personal items are the responsibility of the Resident or family member. Please notify maintenance or nursing of any safety issues that arise. The Maintenance Department is responsible for hanging your pictures, etc.

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